Inciting Local e-Content



This project aims to incite creation of local e-content in Macedonia, increasing the level of online production in the local languages and increasing the quality of the available content, especially when related to education and Open Access. It will use two-pronged approach of capacity building of potential and current content creators, as well as providing digital infrastructure for motivating such creation based on promotion of content in local languages and resulting user feedback.

Expected results:

  • To raise awareness of the importance of local e-content and contribute to improved legal/institutional environment conducive to content creation
  • To improve visibility of independent and nonprofit publications promoting critical thinking, and to create new resources to promote and aggregate open-access publications
  • To increase quantity of content relevant to citizens of Macedonia, in local languages and English by utilizing non-financial motivation factors
  • To increase the quality of local content available online through increased awareness and level of IT skills, based on application of best practices