Freedom on the Internet



The activities of this project will aim to increase the capacity of the target groups for online activism through blogging in general, with а special emphasis on anonymous blogging, as well as online journalism, depending on the circumstances of the different target groups. This approach consists of two components: knowledge and skills on one hand, and on the other hand, motivation to use them. While the technical aspects are essential, because the use of new media enables faster and broader multilateral communication, the moral aspect is critical to the project success.

Project goals:

  • Increasing the capacities of activists to strategically combine the use of new technologies and critical thinking skills as the basis for human rights protection on the Internet.
  • Acknowledgement of freedom and human rights in the digital sphere by raising awareness and providing resources for the citizens, civil society organizations and the media.
  • Increased production of online content relevant for encouraging critical thinking related to pressure towards dissenting voices.

Project implementation period: February 1, 2012 – ongoing