Social Media for Democracy



The project aims to enable democratic development in Macedonia through the use of new technologies – social media and citizen generated content. It will focus on capacity building of activists who already work on specific causes within their communities and at national level, aiming to provide them with skills and tools that would enable them to connect to each other and to the general population. The primary beneficiaries of the project will form the core group of leaders that will disseminate the knowledge further within their community and at a national level via the online tools, alongside raising public awareness about their particular causes. The trainees will be selected through an open competition disseminated via websites, mailing lists and blogs used by NGOs and civil activists, which is a form of preselecting only those candidates with the required basic levels of skills and interest.

Expected results:

  • Creation of teams composed of activists who will take leading roles within their communities, using the new technologies for lobbying, advocacy and raising public awareness about causes for progressive changes in the society, on local and national level.
  • Creation of online communities around particular causes of great importance to the development of Macedonian democracy in particular and social issues in general.
  • Trained project beneficiaries to remain as a resource for other local activists from their communities, providing advice and aid regarding use of technology and its implementation for social change.