On June 23th and June 24th the Metamorphosis Foundation, as part of the USAID Civic Engagement Project, held its Open Data Workshop for civil servants from ministries and agencies. 15 civil servants took active part in the two-days event.

The purpose of the training was to build civil servants’ capacities with tools and methods that serve to improve open data usage in their respective institutions.

The training covered the following topics: General concepts of data and information, and defining the concept of open data; Benefits of publishing open data; Open data principles; Open data case studies; Basic technical aspects of open data; Open data platform data.gov.mk; Collection and filtering of open data; Open data visualization; Open data research.

The workshop was delivered by Stanislav Vasilkovski, expert in the field and directly included in the development of the web page data.gov.mk. The programme and the training delivery was performed through several different methods based on non-formal education, among which group work, presentations, practical exercises, open discussion, etc.