The Increasing Civic Engagement in the Digital Agenda (ICEDA) network issues an:



ICEDA is delighted to inform you about an upcoming Call for Applications that would to provide support to CSOs to promote the Digital Agenda through the second Small Grants Scheme Cycle LOT 2: Awarding of grants for Digital Agenda Advocacy Initiatives, awarding 15 small grants to CSOs from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia (the target is approximately 3 grants per country), in the range between EUR 3.000 to EUR 7.000 per grant. The duration for the implementation of the individual grants is 6 months.

ICEDA will provide support to CSOs to perform initiatives within their native countries, by awarding small grants that will contribute to achieving the following overall objectives:

  • SO 1: To increase the capacity of CSOs and media for tackling challenges related to the Digital Agenda, empowering them to become active participants in the process;
  • SO 2: To enhance the role of CSOs in aiding state institutions to better exploit the potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in order to improve the quality of their e-services to the citizens and increase their openness including achieving greater transparency and accountability through development of efficient eGovernment systems;
  • SO 3: To strengthen online trust and security by providing trainings and awareness raising through a network of CSOs promoting digital literacy, skills and inclusion at regional, national and local level;
  • SO 4: To increase the visibility of issues related to the Digital Agenda within civil society and media;
  • So 5: To increase the citizen demand for quality e-services through training and awareness-raising by the CSOs.

Eligibility of Applicants

The applicants and co-applicants need to be:

  • non-profit-making and be registered as a civil society organization;
  • registered in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia or Serbia for at least 1 year before the date of publication of the call;
  • directly responsible for the preparation and management of the project with the co-applicant(s), and;
  • have 1 year of experience in implementation of projects in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia or Serbia.

One organization can apply with only one project application as a lead applicant and can participate in only one additional project application as co-applicant/partner. One organization can participate in maximum two projects. Alternatively, one organization can participate in up to two projects as partner.

Partnership with at least one media organization / outlet is mandatory to ensure a better reach.

The full Call for proposals is going to be announced in the third week of May 2021.

Follow the Facebook and Twitter with @ICEDAproject page of the project for more information.


The “Increasing Civic Engagement in the Digital Agenda – ICEDA” project is co-funded by the European Union and is implemented by Metamorphosis Foundation, Open Data Kosovo (ODK), e-Government Academy (eGA), Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability – CRTA, Lëvizja MJAFT, NVM 35 MM.