As of today, roaming charges between the countries of the Western Balkans is abolished. Users of Macedonian telephone numbers will be able to use their phones for calls under the same conditions as in North Macedonia, when they are in Serbia, BiH, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania, if they want to call a number in Macedonia or answer a call from a mobile number from the country.

However, all the details for sending SMS and using the internet in roaming will have to be checked on the websites of the mobile operators, points out the Ministry of Information Society and Administration.

The abolition of roaming charges between the countries of the Western Balkans is a step closer to the abolition of roaming charges between the Balkan countries and the European Union.

This decision is preceded by the decision made on 4 April 2019, when the line ministers in charge of digitalization from the Western Balkan countries at the Digital Summit in Belgrade, Serbia signed a regional agreement to reduce roaming charges.

As a result of these activities on 1 July 2019, the former Minister of Administration and Information Society Damjan Manchevski announced that on 1 July 2021, “Roaming like home” will enter into force, following the example of European Union countries. This agreement was a precondition for starting the process of reducing roaming charges with the EU.

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