The winner of this contest is the owner of the photograph “Mal Ribar”, who also has 2 more photographs ranked in the top five: “Cador2” at second place and “Bliznacki” at fourth. The creator of these photographs who won the main prize – a mobile phone and a Creative Commons t-shirt is Enkel, registered on the website under the username buko.

Since this author had three of the five best photographs, which is the case with one more participant in the Creative Commons contest, we expanded the selection of the best five photographers by four. The photograph “Ohrid Leto 2008” made by Sweety, won the third place, and the fifth place went to “Ladovina” . The photograph “Rock N Roll” made by Vasil Taneski is sixth, and right behind it is the photograph “Odmor” by Trajche Boshevski who is also the owner of the photographs “Ladovina” and “Refleksija” which won the seventh place. Last is the photograph “Ezero Mladost” by Boris Ristovski. This way, a total of 9 best photographs made by 5 different authors were selected. All of the authors won a Creative Commons t-shirt.

The selection of the photographs and their ranking was performed by a four-member jury comprised by: Joichi Ito – president of the Creative Commons management board, Kalina Bunevska – Isakovska – director of the Contemporary Arts Center, Robert Jankulovski – photographer and Irina Shumadieva – representative of Creative Commons Macedonia.