Metamorphosis, Foundation for Internet and Society is happy to support the live Java Beer Skopje event on the topic of Empowering teams to deal with common problems in legacy systems. The event is organised by Scalefocus and is foreseen to be held on 13.09.2022 (Tuesday) at 19:00, Public Room.
“There are no playbooks or guidelines on how to deal with legacy code bases and every software engineer at some point in the career will have to face major challenges when inheriting such a code base. Sharing is caring and we to want to build up а strong Java community. Join the top professionals of Scalefocus, get knowledge directly from the source, ask the questions and be part of the tech community that sets the directions and creates the solutions. All the answers will be provided in a friendly atmosphere with cold beers and tasty appetizers.” – say the organisers.
In this presentation, Vladimir Conev – Principal Software Engineer at Scalefocus , will give helpful guidelines to deal with the legacy code base you’ve just inherited. He’ll share some tips and tricks on how you can improve the code base without fear of breaking already delivered features.
About the speaker:
Vladimir Conev is a Principal Software Engineer at Scalefocus , devoted on reaching a technical excellence among our Java team. He has spent almost 10 years in software engineering, building systems in different domains as insurance, hospitality and healthcare. Despite trying hard to be language / technology agnostic, he still considers Java as his Swiss Army knife.