The Metamorphosis Foundation is dedicated to strengthening the role of the civil sector in improving the transparency and accountability of institutions at the central and local levels. The activities carried out by Metamorphosis aim to create an environment in which the voice of citizens will have an impact and contribute to solving problems, providing information and tools for the means of seeking responsibility to improve citizens’ trust in institutions.

Within the framework of the USAID Civic Engagement Project, through technical support, trainings, awareness-raising events and cooperation with local civil society organizations, Metamorphosis advocates for an open city and the promotion of open data.

Promoting the Open City initiative is essential to efforts to increase transparency in local governance. The increased availability of local self-government data leads to a better-informed citizenry and civil society, and thus greater responsibility. Getting local governments into the habit of sharing data also helps change the mindset of public officials toward greater engagement with the public. Cities today also face another critical challenge when it comes to fulfilling the potential of open data: moving beyond simply providing access to data to actively facilitating the use of data by stakeholders in ways that have an impact in the community.

The Metamorphosis Foundation, in cooperation with experts on open cities, translated and localized the Open Cities Guide.

The Open Cities Tactical Guide is designed to help municipal staff catalyze the use of open data to meaningfully address local issues and appropriately involve citizens in decision-making processes.