As part of the USAID’s Civic Engagement Project- CEP, the Metamorphosis Foundation organized an online event for open government at the local level. The event took place on 29 September 2020 and is the fifth in a series of events implemented as part of the promotion of the Open City Initiative. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness and increase the knowledge of various stakeholders about the Open City Initiative and the concept of open government at the local level. Guest speakers at the event were Bernard Krabina from the Public Sector Research Centre (KDZ) in Austria and Gordana Gapic Dimitrovska, National Coordinator of the Open Government Partnership Process. The event was attended by 21 representatives of municipalities and civil society organizations who discussed the opportunities and benefits of implementing the concept of open government at the local level.

The Open City Initiative aims to transform cities into more transparent, open and accessible organizations that are in constant contact with citizens and continuously work toward meeting their needs. An open city is a model for advancing the operation of cities by creating a new, more democratic local infrastructure of openness and partnership with all who have a stake in working and creating a better future in cities: individual residents, community organizations, city administration, policymakers and international partners.