The Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society, within USAID Civic Engagement Project, assessed the state of good governance in the units of local self-government (LSGU) in the Republic of North Macedonia for 2021. The assessment is the result of a survey based on the Openness Index.

The 2021 survey found that most municipalities do not work hard enough to meet openness standards. The results in the areas indicate that the LSGUs apply low standards for consultation, transparency, monitoring and control in their work. The average openness of the municipalities for 2021 is a low 25%.

The Openness Index showed that, in the measurement for 2021, the best results are achieved by the municipalities of Ohrid (51%), Vasilevo (48%) and Kocani (48%), while the lowest-ranked is the municipality of Plasnica (3%).


The full report is available at the following link.