Within USAID Civic Engagement Project, the Metamorphosis Foundation developed an online platform www.pishi.im for the purpose of interaction and exchange of information between citizens and elected municipal councillors. The online platform www.pishi.im is envisaged as a central point for informing, engaging and networking the citizens of a specific municipality with the elected municipal councillors in the municipality itself. The www.pishi.im platform will enable easier and more efficient communication between citizens and elected municipal councillors.

The “PishiIm” platform is easy to use and it has communication forms through which citizens will be able to see who the municipal councillors are in their municipality, and what their responsibilities are. If they wish, they will be able to contact them through the same form. Site visitors have the ability to search and download certain data (in .csv, .xlsx, .docx and .pdf format, depending on the data).

Through the “PishiIm” platform, the citizen can personally contact every councillor, regarding various economic and health issues, social services education in the municipality, as well as about the work of the council, public enterprises and the work of the mayor. Since councillors are responsible for issues of multiple categories that affect people’s lives, the “PishiIm” platform gives them an excellent opportunity for quality communication (citizen/councillor).