On July 13, 2022, the Metamorfosis Foundation organized a short meeting with 15 municipal councillors and representatives of the local self-government, with the aim of promoting the www.pishi.im platform. The platform is intended as a central point for informing, engaging and networking the citizens of a certain municipality with the elected municipal councillors in the municipality itself.

The present councillors and representatives of the local self-government were satisfied with the software solution and expressed their willingness and motivation to use it in their daily work. The platform was developed within the USAID Civic Engagement Project and is part of a wider range of activities towards the promotion of the concept of Open City.

Open City is a model for improving the operation of cities by creating a new, more democratic local infrastructure of openness and partnership with all those who have a stake in the operation and creation of a better future in cities: individual residents, community organizations, city administration, policymakers and international partners. The open city is achieved by creating a culture of openness in the municipal councils; encouraging open governance in cities; encouraging the use of technology for more transparent and participative work of city authorities; as well as enabling better access of citizens to city information. In this direction, it is important that citizens not only have access to open data but also be able to understand how this data is related to their needs and problems.