The European Commission and Council want to adopt a regulation that would allow internet service providers (ISPs) to discriminate among customers and charge extra for different types of online services. Only those who pay more will have easy access to an audience online – killing the openness that drives the internet’s social and economic success.

Metamorphosis supports the campaign “Save the Internet” which aims to preserve the Web neutrality, and is being implemented by several NGOs in Europe.


The internet as we know it today gives everyone the same freedoms and chance to succeed, but without net neutrality internet providers become gatekeepers that offer a premium fast lane internet for those who can pay, and the slow lane for the rest of us.

Last week, the European Parliament finalized its second compromise proposal on net neutrality, and sent it to the Member States (represented in the Council of the European Union) and the European Commission. This will now allow the Council and Commission to put pressure on the Parliament to accept a final compromise this week.

Now the negotiations have entered a phase called the “trialogue”, where all three EU institutions gather to negotiate the final text of the new law.

See how the process is being developed and who are the responsible politicians: