On January 21 and 22, a training on animation and cartoons production will be held in the premises of the Metamorphosis Foundation, which will be attended by two representatives from each of three digital clubs in Macedonia, and held by the employees of the organization responsible for knowledge transfer.

The training will be conducted within the framework of the project “Decentralized cooperation between the Republic of Macedonia and the Basse Normandie region – France”.  Three animators will carry out the training from several public access points for digital technologies (fr: Espaces Publics Numériques) in Basse Normandie.

For the purposes of the training, a specially designed software (Stop Motion Pro) will be used, several online resources such as Toonway; for creating and sharing cartoons, and Bablaka; for creating comics, as well as technical equipment: web camera, camcorder or camera.

Over the next month, as part of the project, the Metamorphosis Foundation will organize a digital storytelling training for the animators in the Basse Normandie region.