On 15 December, the Metamorphosis Foundation, within the project “Rapid Response to Vaccine Disinformation”, held a webinar for its fellow journalists, partners and collaborators in the media and civil society sector. The topic of the webinar was dedicated to the conspiracy theories about Covid-19 and the views of the citizens.

Definitions of conspiracy theories were discussed at the event and through practical work and examples, such theories were detected, placed on all media platforms. In addition, the trainer Ljupco Petkovski, MA, presented and explained the data from the survey of citizens and their answers and views on the pandemic of Covid-19.

In the further debate, the journalists themselves shared their experiences in reporting on events and topics related to the pandemic, vaccination and the Covid-19 virus itself. In the debate and presentation, special attention was paid to the dangers and possible pitfalls that journalists can fall into when placing misinformation received from ordinary citizens, as well as from the representatives of the anti-vaxxer movement.