Empowering Civil Society through Digital Transformation (ECSDT)



Objectives of the project

  1. Strengthen competencies of Metamorphosis staff as adult educators and trainers around online and innovative learning tools and approaches;
  2. Strengthen the capacity of Metamorphosis Foundation to educate CSOs on digital transformation and
  3. Improve Metamorphosis’ capacity to develop sustainable cross-border cooperation and transnational learning.

Expected results:

Participants involved in the activities will:

  • gain knowledge and skills on how to design and deliver online, engaging trainings for CSOs, including the latest tools and approaches to increase effectiveness, impact and quality
  • gain knowledge on how to better support CSOs in their digital transformation journey
  • gain knowledge and skills on how to educate CSOs on digital transformation, especially on moving to the cloud and effective use of digital communications
  • gain knowledge and competencies to tailor educational interventions for various types of CSOs
  • improve their learning methods and educational content of trainings related to cloud solutions, digital marketing and digital transformation
  • better understand what peers in other countries are doing to better serve CSOs and how to replicate good practices within Metamorphosis’ activities, and will form a professional network of adult educators on digital skills and training skills across Europe.

Project activities:

Participating in trainings covering the following topics:

  1. Cloud solutions for capacity building of CSOs
  2. How to support CSOs in their Digital Transformation
  3. Digital communication and marketing skills for the Social Sector
  4. Building an Online Education Programme

Project duration: 31.12.2021 – 31.12.2022 (12 months)

Financial support: European Commission, Erasmus+ Programme