Promoting the Accountability and Transparency of Public Reforms



The general goal of the project

To increase the accountability of public servants and to promote the active engagement of informed citizens in the Republic of North Macedonia, enabling cooperation with more stakeholders in the process of democratic reforms on the road to European Union (EU) integration, through increased public policy influence through fact-checking and watchdog (monitoring) journalism.

Specific goals of the project

  • Assisting domestic and international institutions in assessing the progress of priority reforms related to EU integration by issuing periodic monitoring reports based on a specific high-impact methodology, which will include specific recommendations for improvement;
  • Increase public dialogue and maintain public awareness of the state of reform by calling responsible officials through fact-checking and monitoring journalism;
  • Encouraging domestic institutions to take responsibility and implement reform priorities;
  • Informed and aware citizens who demand from government institutions to fulfill their promises of reforms given to citizens and EU commitments;
  • Opposing disinformation on issues of public interest through increased cooperation between relevant state institutions and the media community, e.g. fact-checkers and watchdog journalists by establishing mechanisms for direct communication;
  • Drastically increase the availability of content for fact-checking and monitoring the situation by increasing the quality and quantity of production and promotion of the fact-checking service “Truthmeter” in synergy with a network of local media covering different regions in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Target groups

  • Media professionals
  • National, regional, local media that inform through different platforms
  • Public institutions at the state and local level
  • The general audience/citizens of RNM

Expected results

  • Institutions are aware of the results and recommendations of the monitoring and use them to upgrade their work and visions.
  • The media, officials, politicians and citizens benefit from fact-checking and watchdog journalism, citing the results of the monitoring in their communication.
  • Monitoring statements and specific policy developments and actions aimed at resolving issues initiated by activists.
  • Citizens – individuals, groups and CSOs exert public pressure on the key points covered by the project that will be identified and measured through social media activities and media coverage.
  • The established system for fast communication will continue to serve the needs of the public interest of the fact-checkers – media community, institutions and all interested citizens

Project activities


  • Structured monitoring of reforms in key priority areas
  • Production of fact-checking articles, explanations and educational articles as part of the unified monitoring approach
  • Development of a system for fast communication between public servants – journalists – citizens
  • Promotion of all content through media network, republishing, social media


Project duration: July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022

Financial support: National Endowment for Democracy (NED)