The Executive Director of the Metamorphosis Foundation, Bardhyl Jashari, was part of the panel discussion “Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights Online: State of Play, Perspectives, Risks”. This panel discussion was organized by the Metamorphosis Foundation as part of the ABA ROLI Regional Internet Freedom Conference, which takes place from September 5 to 7 in Ohrid and brings together more than 60 representatives of civil society organizations, institutions, businesses, human rights activists from North Macedonia, Serbia, Moldova and Belarus.

In his address, Jashari spoke about the role of civil society organizations in the process of creating policies and practices related to the application of artificial intelligence and how civil society, with joint efforts with educational institutions, businesses and governments, can contribute to reducing the technophobia that is increasingly common in our societies. He emphasized that artificial intelligence is just one of many tools created by man and it depends only on people for what purposes it will be used.

Alexandra Dedinec, professor at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering, and Martin Vasilkovski, Senior Data Specialist at Data Masters, addressed this session. In his address, Dedinec explained what artificial intelligence is, and what its application is in everyday life and highlighted the positive and negative aspects of using artificial intelligence. Vasilkovski shared practical examples of using artificial intelligence in different social spheres and the impact that artificial intelligence has on the way people live and work.