The last years have caused the employment of digital and technological solutions at unprecedented speed across all sectors. Such rapid developments have led to many challenges. One of them is a fear of the widening gap between the developments and citizens. This unprecedented speed might have even caused a new set of digitally vulnerable groups to emerge. Any innovation should precisely address that: future developments should not only be guided by the technologically feasible but by what is socially desirable and acceptable.

Therefore, the promotion and development of digital skills and literacy are crucial. For that reason, together with the ICEDA partners the team of e-Governance Academy organised a webinar on digital skills building with the experience and knowledge from Estonia. The webinar was intended for capacity building of sub-grantees and members of the ICEDA network from the second cycle of the small grant scheme LOT 2: Award grants for Digital Agenda Advocacy Initiatives.


The aim of this webinar was to talk about the development and promotion of digital skills with informal education (government, CSOs, private businesses) for everybody: how and what basic digital skills to offer, what training or mentoring to give when needed, how to increase digital literacy, what Estonia has done to develop the digital skills of its people of different ages, gender, groups, etc.


The trainers, Ants Sild, an IT and Strategic Management Consultant and Trainer, and the Chairman of the Board Baltic Computer Systems & BCS Koolitus, and Kristina Mänd, a Senior Expert on e-Democracy in eGA and a civil society activist, have guided the participants through the process and discussions. They provided the training through a combination of several teaching methods depending on the session and the work group dynamics among which: short lectures with presentations, working in small groups, case studies, argumentation and discussion of the presentations, participants’ contribution, and questions and answers.


The project “Increasing Civic Engagement in the Digital Agenda – ICEDA” is implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation (North Macedonia), the Academy of e-Governance (Estonia), Levizja Mjaft! (Albania), Partners for Democratic Change (Serbia), NGO 35mm (Montenegro) and ODK – Open Data Kosovo (Kosovo). The project is being implemented with financial support from the European Union.