The rapid channels for communication of the journalists/media with the institutions responsible for certain areas of interest to the citizens have been launched. Through the WhatsApp platform, journalists will be able to ask questions directly, fact-check certain published information, consult experts in relevant fields, in order to avoid disinformation and media manipulation of the public.


The areas/topics for which journalists will be able to ask questions and raise initiatives are:

  • Covid-19
  • Census
  • Integrations
  • Environment


For each of the above topics, journalists will be able to ask questions and receive timely, accurate and verified information confirmed by relevant sources and/or experts.

The initiative aims to facilitate the work of journalists and media workers in terms of accessing, receiving and exchanging promptly verified information.

If your media is interested in joining any of the groups, please send an email to with the following information:

  • name of the medium;
  • name and surname of the appointed representative from your newsroom for the respective group;
  • their mobile phone number that will be used for communication, and
  • group/groups for which you report the journalist.


For the sake of credible and professional communication, the appointed representatives should be employed in the media that are members of the Pro-Media Register of Professional Online Media.

In order to achieve fast, professional, efficient interactive communication, the project team prepared rules for mutual communication. A PDF document with the rules for mutual communication is available just below this text.

Rules for use/communication in Whatsapp groups for communication between journalists and institutions