D.A.T.A. – Data Analytics for Transparency and Accountability

The Foundation for Internet and Society, Metamorphosis started to implement the four month project called D.A.T.A. – Data Analytics for Transparency and Accountability in which a small team for data visualizations works directly with journalists and civil society activists. The goal of the project is to influence the way the journalists and civil society organizations […]

Smart Tourism Enhancement Project

Smart Tourism Enhancement Project (STEP) is grant contract of IPA 2, The European Union’s Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, allocations 2014-2015. Project partners are Metamorphosis, Foundation for Internet and Society, the Centre for Development of Polog Planning Region and Council of the Elbasan County. Project duration: 27 months Objectives: Promoting a vibrant touristic sector that effectively adapts […]


The Media Reforms Observatory project aims at contributing to the achievement of the urgent reform priorities (URP), as a condition for the RM to join the EU, through identifying and removing the obstacles for the democratic development of the media sector. Additionally, the project will pay attention to the following short-term objectives: Ensure regular public […]

The Critical Thinking for Mediawise Citizens – CriThink

The Critical Thinking for Mediawise Citizens – CriThink project is implemented by Metamorphosis Foundation in partnership with Eurothink – Center for European Strategies with support of European Union, via IPA Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2016-2017. Project No: IPA/2017/393-851 Project duration: 01.01.2018 – 31.12.2020 The overall objective of the action is to promote media […]

Investigative story: Who ties the hands of the journalists and how they can be untied – Detention?

This projects aims to contribute to the increase of media literacy via public education of citizens on what investigative journalism is with analysis of specific examples in video format. Also, the project will generate contents that will cover the challenges of investigative journalists by presenting the current situation with investigative journalism, why it has become […]

Civic Engagement Project (CEP)

Start date: August 17, 2016 End Date: August 17, 2021 Project budget: (life of Project): $9,495,923 Implementer: East West Management Institute (EWMI), in partnership with four local civil society organizations (CSOs): the Foundation for Internet and Society “Metamorphosis”, the Association for Democratic Initiatives (ADI), the Foundation for Open Society in Macedonia (FOSM), and the National […]


The Accountability through Citizen Engagement (ACE) Project will support civil society organizations to tackle issues related to accountability, transparency and social cohesion and to promote good governance through a grant scheme of 44,000 GBP awarding approximately 10 small grants to CSOs in Macedonia. The ACE project will provide support for targeted advocacy campaigns and policy […]

It’s Your Money

Period: November 1st – December 30th, 2015 With the project “It’s Your Money” Metamorphosis succeeded in creating capacity for production of current affairs video documentaries focused on investigative journalism about spending of taxpayers’ money in Macedonia. Within the short timeframe, it created, equipped and trained a correspondent network that produced, published and promoted six video-stories […]

ACTION SEE – Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in SEE

Good governance is key to rule of law. And while issues of corruption, transparency, rule of law and good governance are always in the spotlight, there remains a lack of understanding and systemic problems that hardly receive sufficient coverage. The project aims to raise awareness of such challenges by facilitating cooperation among civic organisations and […]


The project researches and analyzes all the issues related to the current conditions that have emerged as a result of the process of digitization in broadcasting. The findings will be integrated into a final Document that, in addition to the collected data and analyses, will also contain recommendations and guidelines on promoting digitization in broadcasting […]

Techsoup North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo

The Metamorphosis Foundation is a partner organization of the TechSoup Balkans software donation program for the Republic of Macedonia. The Techsoup Balkans donation program offers a wide range of software products for non-profit organizations, and they are only required to pay an administrative fee. To purchase software solutions through this platform and to receive donations, […]

Open Data Civil Society network

The Metamorphosis Foundation in collaboration with the Open Knowledge Foundation is implementing the project “Open Data Civil Society network,” the aim of the project is improving the capacity of civil society organizations in order to promote an open agenda through the establishment of a School of Data – Macedonia. The project will empower civil society […]