On the premises of the Agency for Electronic Communications (AEC) and at the initiative of the Metamorphosis Foundation, today the Metamorphosis team had a meeting with the AEC and the National Computer Incident Response Center MKD-CIRT as a service that is a key part of the AEC. The meeting was attended by the director of AEC – Jeton Akiku, the head of the service of the National Computer Incident Response Center MKD-CIRT – Aleksandar Acev, the executive director of the Metamorphosis Foundation – Bardhyl Jashari, and the program manager – Mila Josifovska Danilovska.

At the meeting, the activities of MKD-CIRT and the Metamorphosis Foundation in the field of cyber-security were discussed, as well as the possibilities for joint future cooperation, with the aim of building a cyber-resilient society.

On the subject of cyber security and human rights, the Metamorphosis Foundation has prepared a study entitled Cyber ​​Security and Human Rights Online in North Macedonia, with the support of DCAF – Geneva Center for Security Sector Governance, within the project “Good Governance in Cyber Security in Western Balkans” funded by the UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

All those interested in the topic are invited to the 18th edition of the international conference “e-Society.mk” entitled “Cyber ​​resilience for freedom and security” which will be held on 6-7 December 2022 at the Marriott Hotel, Skopje. More information on eSociety.mk.