Part of the Metamorphosis Foundation team attended the Erasmus+ Mobility Program on “Digital Communication and Marketing Skills for the Civil Sector” which took place from September 13 to 15 in Budapest, Hungary. Techsoup Europe organized the training and the host organization of the event was (NIOK) Foundation.

During the three-day training, the participants had the opportunity to learn how to create a successful marketing strategy (concept and tools). Special emphasis was given to mapping target groups and detailed analysis of their profile (habits when searching for information, personal interests, age, environment and the like), in order to discover their expectations and requirements as effectively as possible in the direction of creating a quality marketing strategy that will reach the specific target groups. During the training, special attention was paid to how to effectively promote the offers and packages of TechSoup Europe, in order to reach civil organizations that are not familiar with the offers, to attract their attention and finally to become more competent users of the products and services.

“The hosts – the NIOK Foundation prepared an excellent training filled with discussions, the opportunity to share experiences, learn new skills and practices, as well as develop a marketing strategy within the TechSoup network tailored for each organization separately. It was interesting, and I would say necessary, to find out the ways, tools and skills used and mastered by colleagues from other countries, which can be applied in the work of domestic organizations. Budapest, once again “treated” us with sunshine, beautiful architecture and excellent food”, said Hristina Mirčevska – project manager and one of the participants in the training.

The three-day training allowed the participants to share their experiences and good practices (marketing strategies and tools) that they use in their daily work.

“The training was quite useful, considering that it was mainly about marketing concepts and less about marketing tools, it was full of practical exercises such as: creating an annual marketing strategy, mapping target groups and so on. It was especially important for me to hear what marketing strategies and tactics are used by colleagues from civil society organizations from other countries, given that they came from countries that are more developed than Macedonia,” stated Violeta Jončevska – Marketing Specialist at the Metamorphosis Foundation.

“It was really meaningful to see how a global organization like TechSoup cares about its users and how it uses digital technology, i.e. digital marketing, to reach as many representatives of the civil sector in Europe and around the world as possible. There are rare cases when domestic non-governmental organizations in North Macedonia prepare a marketing strategy that is useful in their daily work,” said Goran Rizaov – Head of the Media for Democracy program and a participant in the training.

Representatives of civil society organizations from Hungary, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Poland and Austria attended the training.