Follow the money

The “Follow the money” web service ( aims to familiarize citizens with the fiscal policies of local self-governments, through a simple and transparent presentation of their budgets, i.e. incomes and expenditures of the municipalities since 2008. The service contains information that would enable citizens to monitor the spending in their communities, in order to raise […]

New Media Sustainability Conference

The conference on new media sustainability in Macedonia took place on May 11, 2013, attended by about 80 representatives of the media sector, such as reporters and editors, NGO representatives, marketing agencies and international experts. The event was organized by Metamorphosis and financially supported by the U.S. Embassy. The conference aimed at communicating the experiences […]

Free Access to Public Information

The Republic of Macedonia adopted the Law on Free Access to Public Information in 2006, and the legal framework was improved with the amendments to the law in 2010. Despite this promising development of the legal framework, it is often difficult to assess and to know how much these laws actually correspond with reality and […]

ICT Tools Training for Online Journalism

Many online media outlets are being launched, while the quality of the processed information is being reduced due to the speed at which this information is disseminated. By improving the research skills of journalists, we will enhance their abilities to fully exploit the opportunities of the Internet as a source of information and as a tool for fast fact-checking.

Independent news portal in Albanian PORTALB.MK is operated by a team of professional journalists striving to overcome the lack of relevant e-content in Albanian language from Macedonia and abroad.The team is comprised by young, yet experienced journalists, who are aiming to offer a wider range of news, exceeding the linguistic and other barriers between the media spheres in the country […]

By launching Glasomer, the Metamorphosis Foundation from Skopje, in cooperation with citizens’ associations ‘Zašto ne’ from Sarajevo and LiNet from Belgrade, continued the regional initiative for implementation of new technologies for voter education and greater transparency of political subjects supported by the U.S. non-profit foundation NED (National Endowment for Democracy) funded by the U.S. Congress, […]

Free and Fair Elections 2011

The campaign centered around the Code of Conduct for Free and Fair Elections 2011 draws on lessons learned from past elections, calling on party leaders, candidates, and activists to behave in accordance with international election standards. The project is an online extension to the Free and Fair Election 2011 Campaign, conducted by the National Democratic […]

People With Disabilities Are Active Citizens

The overall objective of the project is to provide enhanced opportunities for people with disabilities (PwD) to become equal and active participants––socially and economically—in Macedonian society.

National Free and Open Source Software Policy

The goal of the project is to help create a National FOSS policy document for central and local government of Republic of Macedonia, based on the example of e-Croatia, in order to achieve higher efficiency in the work state bodies, as well as increased transparency and accountability of public procurement of computer equipment and software. […]

Inciting Local e-Content

This project aims to incite creation of local e-content in Macedonia, increasing the level of online production in the local languages and increasing the quality of the available content, especially when related to education and Open Access. It will use two-pronged approach of capacity building of potential and current content creators, as well as providing […]

Active Citizen Participation Through Use of New Technologies

The project aims to increase the transparency and accountability of the institutions of the system, through their opening for the processes of active civic participation, leading to increasing of internal cohesion of the Macedonian society and speeding up its integration into the EU. It will focus on building local capacities for forming partnerships and networks […]

Social Media for Democracy

The project aims to enable democratic development in Macedonia through the use of new technologies – social media and citizen generated content. It will focus on capacity building of activists who already work on specific causes within their communities and at national level, aiming to provide them with skills and tools that would enable them […]