The workshop was attended by 25 representatives of government institutions and nongovernmental organizations, and a 3-member delegation from the Lower Normandy (Basse Normandie) region of France, partners of the Metamorphosis Foundation.

The workshop aimed at exchanging experiences and information about the situation regarding the degree of development and inclusiveness of the government’s services available via the internet in the Republic of Macedonia, as a step towards the preparation of a comprehensive plan for development in this sphere in the region, in the direction of intensifying the processes of European integration and increasing the efficiency of the public administration for the benefit of the citizens.
The workshop is part of the project “Western Balkans Network for Inclusive e-Government”, supported by the Foundation Open Society Institute – Macedonia, and through it synergy is established with the activities of the “We-Go” project, supported by the European Union.

The workshop was opened by Mr. Bardhyl Jashari – director of the Metamorphosis Foundation. Keynote speeches were delivered by Ms. Sofce Jovanovska, President of the Commission of the Agency for Electronic Communications and Mr. Aleksandar Ugrinoski from the Committee for Information Technology of the Government of Macedonia.
The project “Western Balkans Network for Inclusive e-Government” was presented.
Then followed the presentation of the research “Growth of e-Government services in Macedonia” by Mr. Dejan Spasov M.Sc., Institute of Informatics, Skopje and the presentation of the We-Go project research for the Republic of Macedonia (

Mr. Filip Stojanovski from the Metamorphosis Foundation presented the results from the ICT component of the project “Evaluation of the potential for good governance in the Republic of Macedonia” ( Mr. Viktor Manchev and Ms. Lidija Krstevska from the NGO Open the windows held a presentation on the assessibility of the government’s e-services for the blind and visually impaired persons.

Finally, a discussion was held on the experiences in the development of inclusive e-Government in the Republic of Macedonia (representatives of the government agencies and institutions were able to share their experiences by giving 5-minute PowerPoint presentations)

The results of the workshop will be presented at the Third international conference e-Society.Mk (, which will be held in Skopje on the 29th and 30th of November, 2007.