The deadline for submitting ideas for Meet and Code 2018 is coming to a close – 15 September 2018. The selected events will receive a grant in the amount of 300 euros!

Coding workshops, hackathons, lectures, competitions, coding nights, robotics classes and so on. These are just some examples of events that can be organized and awarded with 300-euros grant. Your imagination is the limit.

Deadline for submission of events: 15 September 2018

Register your organization and submit the event

Are you a nonprofit and would like to organize an event that promotes coding for children and youth aged 8-24? If you have an event idea, we encourage you to register your organization now! You will have to deliver some documents to prove that you are a nonprofit (Statute of the organization and Current Balance Sheet issued by the Central Registry of the Repulic of Macedonia) as well as organization’s bank account number.

Before you submit an event idea, you have to create an account for the organization and choose username and password. With this, the user can log in their account and manage it too. Each submitted event will be assessed in accordance with the terms and conditions, and the organization will receive an e-mail containing the decision.

Conditions of participation

Check the conditions of grant application at Meet and Code as well as the criteria for selection of submitted ideas.

Meet and Code Award New this year, Meet and Code will be awarding top exemplary events and highlighting their activities to a wider audience. The awards will be given out for three categories:

  1. Kick and Code (topic category)

Meet and Code events that either seek to solve a football related problem with IT or use football as a topic to bring coding to kids. We are looking for events that connect these two topics in a creative and purposeful way in order to reach the target group and bring them closer to the world of coding and IT.

  1. Innovation

Meet and Code events that either develop and promote creative teaching methods and/or explore current IT/digital topics. We are looking for events that are innovative in their ways of reaching the target group and connecting it with IT related topics, as well as events that pick up trendsetting, future-shaping and disruptive technologies like IoT, Blockchain, AI, 3D printing, etc.

  1. Diversity

Meet and Code events that use IT or other digital topics to address and reduce inequalities present in their community or general society. We are looking for events that increase equal opportunities, promote tolerance and dismantle inequalities based on gender, race, religion, disabilities, social and economic status etc.

In each category, five events will be honoured and two representatives of each organisation will be invited to a two-day closing event at the SAP headquarters in Walldorf. In addition, the first place winner of each category will receive a prize of 2.500 euros.

This initiative was developed by Haus des Stiftens gGmbH – Germany, and is financially supported by the German company SAP, with headquarters in Walldorf.

If you have any questions, or you need additional information, please e-mail us at (contact person: Valon Abdiu).