Today in the elementary school “St. Kliment Ohridski “in Bitola, the “National centre for development of innovation and entrepreneurial learning” organized the event “Make a robot” within the project “Meet and Code 2019 “, which is part of the EU Code Week and is implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation.

The event was attended by the Minister of Information Society, Damjan Mančevski, Metamorphosis Foundation representatives, the school management, associate professor Dr. Nikola Rendevski and several students from the Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies, that showed the 3rd-grade children how to program a robot in a simple way.

-More and more schools and students are joining in each year in this project, and North Macedonia is following that trend. This means that the young people here know that the future lies in the information society, in innovation and in the constant exploration and discovery of something new – said Minister Damjan Mančevski in his address to the pupils.

According to the minister, coding helps to develop the necessary skills for living in the 21st century, such as computational thinking, problem solving, creativity and teamwork.

-Very soon, 90% of the jobs will require a basic level of digital skills. Therefore, starting today we must work together, as a government, schools – teachers, civil society organizations for young people to develop the skills they need in order to be competitive in the labor market at an early age – Minister Damjan Mančevski emphasized.

As part of the “Meet and Code 2019!” Project organized by the Metamorphosis Foundation, there is an increase in the number of grants (for events). Last year there were 25 grants and this year there are 40.

The “Meet and Code 2019” Project in Macedonia is implemented by the Metamorphosis Foundation in partnership with the IT portal “Stifter-Helfen” and network partners “TechSoup Europe”. “Meet and Code 2019” is provided by the company SAP.