We are happy to announce that the Symantec donation program is now available in the Balkans trough our software donation platform TechSoup Balkans (www.techsoupbalkans.org).

The Symantec donation program at TechSoup provides Symantec Enterprise and Symantec Norton products to eligible nonprofits and charities throughout the Balkans including Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

Symantec Enterprise products are used to enhance security on multiple networked computers. The Symantec donations includes products that can be used in small and medium as well as large enterprise environments.

The products can also enhance the security and performance of individual devices that are not part of managed corporate or enterprise networks.

We invite all organizations who are not already registered on the platform for software donation TechSoup Balkans (www.techsoupbalkans.org) to register and apply for a donation.

The Techsoup Balkans donation program offers a wide range of software products for non-profit organizations, and they are only required to pay an administrative fee. To purchase software solutions through this platform and to receive donations, you should first register using the following link: https://www.techsoupbalkans.org/user/register.

This donation is available for non-profit organizations with the status of a Citizens’ Association or Foundation in the Registry of Associations and Unions.