The second event (on Saturday) around 40 volunteers distributed leaflets, posters, and excerpts from the Law on Protection of Personal Data of Republic of Macedonia to the citizens of Skopje. A stand was set up for the citizens to receive more information and where they will have opportunity to record statements about their feelings on surveillance, to be posted online. However, not many citizens were willing to go on camera, and preferred to express their opinions verbally or in writing. Photos from this event are available in Flickr gallery (more on the way).

At both these events the citizens also had an opportunity to fill in a survey regarding the issues of surveillance, privacy and government accountability. Several hundred questionnaires were collected and the results will be published ASAP.

In total, 5000 leaflets and 300 posters with information about FNF and the basic human rights regarding video surveillance in Macedonia in Macedonian and Albanian language were distributed on all the above events. In total about hundred people were involved in supporting activities for the action, in various capacities.

The activities are organized by a group of NGOs:

in close cooperation with the independent regulatory body the Directorate for Personal Data Protection of Republic of Macedonia.

Note: Coincidentally, October 11 is a public holiday in Macedonia, commemorating the uprising against Fascism during World War II (1941)